Peter Crosby

What’s wrong with your conference room, and how to fix it.

Empty Conference Room

Nobody likes conference rooms; the fluorescent lights cause headaches, the projector never has the right dongle, the catered sandwiches taste like plastic, and there are never enough of the “good” chairs. And don’t get me started on those conference call phones…

Thankfully, conference rooms are on their way out. More and more work is being done in disparate global offices, while traveling to those office, or while working from somewhere else entirely. As a result, employees are finding that IRL conference rooms simply aren’t the best way to pull together the right colleagues, content, and conversations around a topic anymore.

Enter tibbr Subjects: It’s a virtual workspace for the 21st Century that lets people collaborate more efficiently. It’s accessible from both the office and the road, and available on both desktops and smart devices. So now, no one needs to be in the same physical space to be part of a discussion.

In the recent 5.1 upgrade, we did more than just refresh the look (but we did that, too). Check out this list of upgrades we made to make tibbr Subjects even more useful:

  • Easily access everything from the new toolbar — jump to Wall Posts, People, Links, Files, Bookmarks, and Trends.
  • (continued…)