Peter Crosby

How to bolster your sales team without hiring more people.

Sales Team“Selling is a team sport” — it’s a time-honored cliché that almost all salespeople have used at one time or another. But, when you seriously look at your own sales organization, can you honestly say that it’s genuinely selling as a team? Or, is it more likely that you’re selling the way you always have?

You know, the way where the rep on the opportunity, the SC aligned with it, and perhaps the front-line manager are the only ones involved in the account. Or the way where you only get real insights into an opportunity during monthly forecast updates, or when the occasional deal requires support from the VP of Sales or other top-level executive. (continued…)

Peter Crosby

Read Gartner’s 8-step strategy for convincing your company to go social.

Business presso

The benefits of an Enterprise Social Networking platform are, by now, fairly well-known to most technologically savvy businesses. But simple awareness of this burgeoning technology by from top management doesn’t always translate into a “Buy one now!” decree. Most times, management and boards need to be sold on the idea. And that means presenting a compelling case.

Like it or not, justifying the financial investment required to become a social organization takes a bit of forethought. In fact, the research firm, Gartner, says that insufficient planning and financial specifics are some of the top reasons why social pitches fail to convince business leaders. (continued…)

Peter Crosby

What’s wrong with your conference room, and how to fix it.

Empty Conference Room

Nobody likes conference rooms; the fluorescent lights cause headaches, the projector never has the right dongle, the catered sandwiches taste like plastic, and there are never enough of the “good” chairs. And don’t get me started on those conference call phones…

Thankfully, conference rooms are on their way out. More and more work is being done in disparate global offices, while traveling to those office, or while working from somewhere else entirely. As a result, employees are finding that IRL conference rooms simply aren’t the best way to pull together the right colleagues, content, and conversations around a topic anymore. (continued…)