Announcing new tibbr® for NetSuite, with ‘Built for NetSuite’ verification.

tibbr + NetSuite

On May 14, 2014, tibbr launched the tibbr® for NetSuite SuiteApp, which lets Netsuite users collaborate with each other directly within NetSuite. The new SuiteApp even launched with ‘Built for NetSuite’ verification — proof that the application meets NetSuite’s high standards and best practices.

“As effective collaboration proves essential to any thriving business, we are excited to offer a user experience that promotes efficient information-sharing and collaboration right from within NetSuite.”
— Guido Haarmans, VP of Business Development for Technology Partners at NetSuite.

“We’re thrilled to bring tibbr to NetSuite and help more companies of all sizes realize the enormous impact that streamlined collaboration can have on an employee’s daily output,” said Leandro Perez, Director, Product Marketing, TIBCO. (continued…)

Leandro Perez

tibbr takes collaboration ‘Triple Crown,’ is named Champion, Innovator, and Best Value.

tibbr takes collaboration Triple Crown
Info-Tech Research Group — the global leader in tactical, practical IT research and analysis — recently assessed the collaboration platform landscape to: 1.) See what’s new in the market, 2.) Learn how the convergence of traditional systems and social capabilities is affecting collaboration, and 3.) Recognize outstanding collaboration vendors in the space.

“In only a few short years, tibbr has won the Info-Tech ‘triple crown’ of Champion, Innovator, and Best Value in this evaluation. It remains a great choice for any organization, but especially value-conscious SMBs.” — Ben Dickie, Sr. Consulting Analyst

When the competition was all said and done, tibbr was named the overall Champion. (continued…)


Enterprise collaboration: you can do better, much better

Guest blog post by Nick Fisher, Head of Product Marketing at Huddle

Guest blog post by Nick Fisher, Head of Product Marketing at Huddle.

You hear a lot about enterprise collaboration tools these days, but what does “collaboration” actually mean in an organization? Few would deny that improving collaboration and productivity would be categorically good for business. But it’s precisely because “collaboration” is so hard to measure that it’s difficult to recognize the tools that enable or impede it.

I think we can agree, however, that:

• When you gather in a conference room for an intense brainstorming session, you’re collaborating
• When you start a discussion by sending an email to your team with an Excel file attached, you’re collaborating
• When a colleague accidentally deletes your PowerPoint deck on the shared network drive, you’re… having a late night in the office

In this blog, let’s briefly review the importance of enterprise collaboration and the modern tools that genuinely help you achieve your goals, whether you’re on the IT or business side. (continued…)


Webinar: The Real ROI of Collaboration featuring research from Forrester

To stay competitive in today’s fast-changing markets, enterprises now realize they need better technology to streamline collaboration and innovation. Yet determining the “hard dollar return” on a collaboration platform has been challenging. Until now.

After a thorough, six-month long study, Forrester Consulting has determined the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of deploying a collaboration platform using a very sophisticated methodology.

Webinar: Wednesday, March 26th (VIEW THE RECORDING)

Rob Koplowitz

Rob Koplowitz, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Watch this online webinar featuring Forrester Research, Inc.’s VP/Principal Analyst, Rob Koplowitz, along with the group’s TEI Consultant, Adrienne Breslin.

Adrienne breslin

Adrienne Breslin, TEI Consultant, Forrester Research

During the webinar, they’ll be discussing how successful companies are deploying collaboration platforms, as well as covering the results of their in-depth commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TIBCO Software, including the benefits, costs, flexibility, and risks of a social investment. (continued…)

The Benefits of Collaboration Software to Your Workflow

In the modern workplace, you are probably used to sending hundreds of emails back and forth throughout the workday.  E-mail has undoubtedly been a great replacement for snail mail and relentless phone tag.  But, e-mail isn’t perfect either.  How many times has an important conversation of yours been buried after the most recent flood of e-mails?  Or, have you ever received a single forwarded e-mail with pages and pages of previous e-mails in it, making the information you really need very difficult to find?

Fortunately, collaboration software, serves as an effective replacement for e-mail.  Once you get the hang of this new workplace tool, you’ll see how it effectively complements e-mail.  (continued…)