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Social Change: How Organizations Innovate, Collaborate and Encourage

According to Aberdeen Research, organizations that adopt social networking tools respond 36% faster to customer feedback. Improved collaboration and more open environments create opportunities for...

How to Get More of Your Integration Systems

tibbr provided out-of-the-box integrations to Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.com, and Microsoft Sharepoint, while also making it easy to incorporate homegrown or custom applications.

How to Facilitate 21st Century Knowledge Management

In this white paper discover how social technology is playing a role in transferring knowledge to employees, how they're able to see conversations and information from one place, make decisions and take action.

Jet Fuel and Collaboration: Powering Tomorrow's Airlines

As with other industries, it is becoming apparent that airlines can realize tangible benefits from enterprise social networking. Of course not all private social networks are created equal, and a little diligence and research can go a long way toward ensuring that the right capabilities and features are in place. But in terms of an area where an air travel brand can see a noticeable difference and possibly gain an edge over competitors, the private social network is definitely worth a test flight.

When Collaboration Meets Community

Email was once the transformative technology that made it easier for people to work together, but email created silos. Intranets attempted to bridge these silos, but the technology did not fundamentally transform the enterprise. What’s the missing link? Social. The result? A secure social networking platforms designed for the enterprise. Download “When Collaboration Meets Community” and discover why enterprise collaboration must be social.

5 Ways To Make Enterprise Social A Success

Enterprise social networking can transform the way business is done–how employees connect with their co-workers, find information, solve problems, and make decisions. But how do you ensure a successful deployment? How do you know people will use it? And, will IT actually support this initiative? Get everyone on board, and make IT happy.

9 Adoption Strategies for Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise organizations are investing heavily in social collaboration technologies, but adoption rates have been surprisingly light. Employee engagement can suffer for many reasons, including simple inertia, poor communication, confusing or hard-to-use tools, and lack of consequences for doing things the way they’ve always been done. Download “9 Adoption Strategies for Enterprise Collaboration” and discover how to empower your employees with these powerful new tools for social collaboration.

tibbr Security Overview

Our customers, many in highly regulated industries such as government, finance and healthcare, depend on TIBCO technology to keep their information secure every day. tibbr features a comprehensive set of built-in security controls and mechanisms to secure private social networks and preserve the integrity and confidentiality of user data.