Do real work with your device.

There’s a native app for the most popular smartphones and tablets, even older model Blackberry phones.

See what’s happening back at the office.

Don’t miss a thing just because you’re away from your desk ― interact with colleagues as if you were there.

Discover what’s happening around you.

Intelligent filtering makes sure you see what’s most important to you based on the time and place you’re looking.

Do what you’d do on your desktop.

Review proposals, give feedback, approve or deny POs and expenses, and post rich media files like photos and videos.

Never miss a conversation.

Whenever someone likes, replies to, or shares a post, you get real-time notifications that let you respond and take direct action.

Chat without changing apps.

Have secure, real-time conversations with colleagues anywhere in your network without launching a separate chat app.

Geo-locate the locals.

Know who’s nearby when you travel ― learn about local coworkers, clients or customers and see their latest posts.

Augment your awareness.

Discover subjects and conversations happening near your current location using augmented reality technology.