Create a virtual workspace for anything.

Subjects are topics that colleagues can follow — use them to link projects or teams together with associated tasks, discussions, and documents.

Know what's happening anywhere

Follow what you care about.

Stay up on the latest topics you care about — follow subjects so posts and updates automatically appear on your wall.

Solve problems through serendipity

Create a secure place for collaboration.

Control who sees your subject by setting access privileges to Public, Private, or By Approval — all without bothering your IT guys.

Solve problems through serendipity

See which subjects are trending.

Spot hot topics quickly with Subject Analytics — learn which subjects are new, most popular, and most active.

Solve problems through serendipity

Make subjects easy to find.

Add subjects where people can find them — the directory’s hierarchical structure lets people drill down to the exact subject they want.

Solve problems through serendipity