People already know how to use it.

Get a social experience people already love.

The instantly familiar interface means people can start using tibbr immediately
without a long learning curve or expensive training.

Help new employees ramp up to speed fast.

Make new hires productive in minutes, not months — give them a place to
ask questions and find the information they need to get started.



Use Social Bus™ gadgets inside your applications.
And vice-versa.

Use the applications that your business uses.

Work seamlessly with SharePoint, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and a growing
list of other top-shelf enterprise-grade applications.

Bring the power of collaboration into other apps.

Extend discussions from other apps into tibbr for more collaboration —
carry over participants, profiles, comments, and more.

Get everyone working in one place.

Use tibbr with your other business applications — two-way integration means
people using different apps can contribute to the same project.



You're not locked-in to our look.

Modify it to look like you made it.

Completely customize the look and feel of the user interface —
change its name, logo, masthead, splash screen, color scheme, and more.

Make it super-simple or feature-packed.

Enable or disable content blocks and functionality with one click,
or simply rearrange them to suit your company’s needs.


Run it in the cloud for flexibility.

Get started instantly with our turn-key cloud service — it’s
scalable, secure, and doesn’t require any set-up or IT personnel.

Install it on-premise for compliance.

Deploy tibbr behind your own data center’s firewall to satisfy
the requirements of government, finance, healthcare, or any other industry.